Zombie Makeup

Zombie54 This weekend is the annual Zombie Crawl in Reno. It’s a really fun bar crawl where the whole city comes together and dresses up like zombies. We love to drink and be scary. I wanted to show you how I do my makeup, and maybe it can help you out with your crawl or halloween costume this year! You can add this makeup and a little extra blood to any costume. I’m lucky enough that my best friend, Alina Bryant is a photographer. She offered to take these awesome pictures. Her food and lifestyle blog can be found at AlinaBryant.com. Without further ado, here’s how I transformed into a zombie.Zombie06 First, I always start with liquid latex.It’s good to start with a clean face. You can apply it with any spreading tool. You want to build up the outside and leave the middle gaping. You’ll be filling the center with color and blood later on. These can be added anywhere to your face or body. I like to place them as if I were dragged on one side of my face. Liquid latex can be found at most halloween or party stores and some grocery stores. Be careful to follow the instructions as some people can have allergies or sensitivities to latex.Zombie12 I also made this stitched up scar for my neck out of liquid latex. I spread it out in the shape I wanted on a plastic ziploc bag I had laying around and let it dry overnight. Waxed paper would probably work best. To add the thread I added a dot of latex where I wanted the string to be placed  placed the string and put a tiny bit more latex on top and let it dry again, once the latex is tacky you can spread it a little bit to get the shape you want. I then peeled it carefully off the plastic and adhered it to my neck with more latex as if it were glue. Zombie13 To speed up the drying process on my face, I used a cool blowdryer. The latex must be mostly set before you start putting makeup on it or your wound will lose its shape. Zombie15 Now would be a good time to use concealer to hide any blemishes you would normally cover. To get the desired dead shade to my face, neck and chest, I mixed at bit of grey face paint with a foundation that is a few shades too light for my skin. This takes the color out of your skin without looking too fake. You just want to look like there’s no more blood left in your face. I also dabbed a bit over the latex. To set the creme color I powdered my face with a translucent powder. A really light colored powder or white will also do. Zombie16 Now for Contour. I used a mixture of black, grey, and purple eyeshadows on an angled brush.Zombie24 You want to blend these dark colors anywhere you want to look more sunken in, like your cheekbones especially, collar bones, nose and eye sockets.  Make sure when contouring your cheeks you stop before the apples of your cheeks or you may end up looking like you have a mustache. To find the best place to contour, suck your cheeks in and fill in that indentation. If you make any mistakes or the color comes out too harsh, blend it out with a powder brush.Zombie26 On to Bruising. I like to use a smaller crease or blending eyeshadow brush to add in more precise detail. I used a similar mix of greys, purples and browns to make it look like I have black eyes.  Zombie28Then I used a small brush to put red eyeshadow in the crease of my dark circles. It makes the bruising look fresher and scarier.Zombie30To get the wounds looking extra fresh, I fill in the middle with red eyeshadow and dab black around the red and also around the perimeter of the latex. You can add more purple for more bruising if you want.Zombie32For the Eyes I started with a black base all over my lid, up to my crease. I used a gel eyeliner, you could also use a stick eyeliner or black eyeshadow primer. You want to give the other shadows something to stick to. I used an orange eyeshadow up at the top of my crease to make the other colors easier to blend, you can also use a light brown. Matte colors look best for this. Then I put purples and browns in the crease to create more bruising. Then I packed a blue shadow all over my lid because I was going for a more glamorous zombie look. You can stick to browns, blacks or grays if you would like. I put a bit of the red eyeshadow along my lower lashline to make my eyes look super scary. Also make sure to bring the darker colors under your eyes and into the inner corners too. Finish off with black eyeliner and mascara if you’d like. You can skip this if you’re a guy haha. Zombie33Finally! Time for blood! I used the liquid vampire blood for these drippy wounds.Zombie34Start with a little  bit and add more gradually until it starts dripping.Zombie36Zombie37For longer wounds and scars spread it on the whole wound and let it drip from a few places.Zombie38Zombie39I also wanted to create blood tears. This was a little tricky. Be very careful. I can tell you first hand that the blood doesn’t feel nice in your eyes. I saturated a qtip and dabbed more and more until I got it to drip. Be patient, you have to build this up.Zombie40To get this awesome, I just ate a baby look, I used a gel or coagulated blood, it was very sticky. I just put some on my finger tips and pressed it around my mouth until I was happy with the look. I added some drippy blood to the corner too. I added some red lipstick afterward. Going back I would add it beforehand. I just dabbed it on messily. Zombie42To do my hair, I had leftover curls from the day before. You could curl your hair messily right before you go to sleep too. Tease and add some dry shampoo or baby powder. Instant zombie hair. You can also find fun temporary tattoos in various wound and stitched up scar designs at halloween stores, party stores and sometimes Walmart to add wherever you want on your body. There is one on my chest below.Zombie58

I really hope you enjoyed this post. I had so much fun creating it. If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave them in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow my blog for more and check out Alina’s blog, AlinaBryant.com. What are you going to be for Halloween?? xo Kristina


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