Wearable Kylie Jenner Lip for Fall

lip swatches

Whether or not you like Kylie Jenner’s lipstick, you’ve seen it. It’s absolutely everywhere. And, it’s finally Fall! That means lipstick trends will be everywhere anyway. I wanted to find some lipsticks that would be fun for the days I felt like doing something different with my makeup.

So first off, I wasn’t about to drop $20 or more for a lipstick I may not end up wearing all that often. I’m sure Kylie is wearing YSL, Chanel, MAC, ect. She can afford it; I can’t. So not only did I find three shades that an actual human being who is not part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan can wear, but I got these at the drugstore. That’s right, I spent $5.50ish on each shade. I found these shades at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond, they were already pretty picked over, so go check them out while you can.

nude lip

mauve lip wine lip

Within the last few weeks Maybelline has come out with a line of 10 matte lipsticks for their Color Sensational line. I picked three shades so you can choose how intense you want to go with this lip trend. Now these are definitely not the exact shades she wears, but if you check out her Instagram, I think these three colors embody a similar look to the kinds of colors she chooses. Here’s a link to a swatch video just in case you’d like to see all 10 colors.


I chose Daringly Nude, a pinky nude with a slight brown undertone, Touch of Spice, a mauve that is just a bit darker than my natural lip color and Divine Wine, a DARK red with a purpley undertone. I found these lipsticks to be pretty manageable for how much of a statement they make. To apply them I used a lip brush to make sure the lines were clean and then used the actual stick to fill the rest in. I did have to apply a few layers to get the color even and opaque everywhere, though. If you make any mistakes while applying you can just put a bit of concealer on a brush and run it along the edge of your lip to clean it up. Since they are matte, the staying power is great. I wore these all day and I only had to reapply after I ate.

I am still a bit scared of these colors as they are pretty intense; however, I think they will be fun once the weather actually feels like fall and we all get into our fall wardrobes. These lipsticks will also look great through winter, for holiday parties or even for a night out.

Will you try out any new lipsticks this fall? Which colors are you loving?

xo Kristina


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