The Perfect 3some?

Perfect 3

C’mon now, don’t be dirty. That’s what Urban Decay is calling the three Naked Palettes together: The perfect 3some.I think I’d have to agree. These three palettes contain pretty much every neutral color you could ever need. A few more matte colors might be nice, but that’s what the Naked Basics palette is for. And yes, I do have that too. Whoops.

perfect3 colors

The Naked 3 palette didn’t even feel like it was that long awaited for me. I found out it was coming out maybe a month before the online release. Is it necessary? Maybe not. Do you need it? It’s up to you. Did I need it? I’m not sure, but I couldn’t resist.

I was pretty hesitant about ordering the Naked3. I wasn’t sure if the colors would be good for my skin tone. Pinks are a bit out of my range and can make me, and probably many other people look a bit sickly.That being said, I obviously took the plunge.

all naked swatches

When I posted a picture of the Naked3 Palette on my Instagram I got a few questions and requests.

Q: Where/how did you get it? How can I get it?

A: I ordered it online at the day it released. I’m on Urban Decay’s mailing list so I get an email every time they have a promotion or release a new product. Currently all Naked3 palettes are sold out online. You can join their mailing list to be the first to find out when they restock. However, TODAY WAS THE IN STORE RELEASE DAY! GET EXCITED! But go quickly if you really want it! I’m sure they will sell out just as quickly. They can be found at Sephora, Ulta, and select Macy’s stores according to an Instagram post from Urban Decay I saw yesterday.

Q:Will you please do swatches?

A: Of course! Here they Are!


So the differences between the palettes may not be super apparent to some people but basically the OG Naked palette is warmer gold/bronze colors, Naked2 is cooler taupe shades and Naked3 is rose/rose gold colors.

There are TONS of reviews online about these palettes. Obviously since I bought all three I love the formulas and colors. They’re so useful and can be worn everyday in thousands(just guessing) of combinations with just one palette or even taking colors from each palette.

That being said, some of the more lighter/brighter pink shades in the Naked3 are not for me, but mixed with colors from the other palettes I know I will make them work. Also I LOVE the darker colors in this palette, they lean a bit purpley, which I love. Its a perfect way to get away from just boring browns and taupes but still not be too out there with a vibrant blue or something.

My favorite colors in this palette, which I called even before I got to see it in person are Trick and Blackheart. Trick  because it’s a perfect neutral golden color that is similar to my skin tone so it is the perfect everyday color for me. And Blackheart because it has a beautiful burgundy shimmer in it, which you can’t see very well in my swatches, sorry :(. So amazing. Overall I’m very happy with the new Naked3 palette.

Bonus favorite: Dust is so different from any of the colors in any of the three Naked palettes. It almost seems very chalky and has almost course shimmer, not glitter, but shimmer. I thought I was going to hate it because of the texture, but don’t be afraid of it. it leaves the prettiest glittery look if you just add a bit on top of any look. It will probably end up being one of my most used shadows because I do love me some glitter.

I wanted to show the differences when you wear them too so I did a look with each palette.



Warmer golds and bronzes.

I used: Half Baked all over my lid, Naked just above the crease, and Buck in the crease and along my bottom lash line. I also ran Hustle along the top lash line to create a more natural looking liner just before I added gel eyeliner.



Cooler Taupe shades.

I used: Suspect on the inner and outer third of my eye, Half Baked in the center third of my lid, and Tease in the crease. Finished off with gel liner and mascara.

And Finally What you’ve all been waiting for: Naked3! I wanted to do a day and a night look with this palette. You can create more obvious natural looks with these palettes but one of my favorite things about them is how versatile they are because of the range of light to dark colors.



Rose colors.

I used: Trick all over my lid, Factory in the outer corner, Nooner in my crease and the sparkle you see is Dust. Finished off with the same gel liner and mascara.



I LOVED this look I created. I used: Liar all over my lid, Blackheart in the outer corner and Factory and Nooner i n the crease. I added a bit of Dust over the inner part of my eye to add sparkle and a bit of lightness. Same liner and mascara again.

So the Naked palettes may be similar, but they’re still different. I’m a big proponent of similar but different, just ask my nail polish collection. It works for me.

If you’re thinking about getting one of the palettes I suggest thinking about which colors you lean towards, golds and bronzes, cooler taupes, or rosy colors. Pick the one that you think looks best on your own skin tone. Or if you’re a beauty junkie like me…. BUY ALL THE PALETTES!!!! ha. Anyway, I hope that helped! If you have anymore questions please ask them in the comments below!

Which one would you choose? Or if you have them all too, which is your favorite?

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