I Cut My Hair!

intro hair

Every once in a while I get asked where I get my hair done. I haven’t had a haircut in about six months. There’s a reason. I’ve had my hair cut by Paula Schwartz since I was 12 and at PS Hair Studio since it opened in 2008. That’s almost 11 years!

I’ve been away at school for a while and only get to come home on holiday breaks—Happy Thanksgiving by the way! I’m too much of a wuss to go try another salon. I’ve had my hair cut a few times by other people and every time, I’ve cried… Admit it, you’ve cried after a bad haircut too. It was really embarrassing having to call up PS Hair Studio, explain what had gone wrong and ask them to fix it. They did fix it no problem, though.

One of my favorite things about PS Hair Studio is the consultation you get before you get your hair cut. The way PS stylists work is very customized. Paula and Raquel look at your hair type, skintone, face shape, virtually everything about you to help you find the best cut, color or style, while keeping what you want in mind to create the best overall look for you.

I have very fine hair and not a lot of it, so longer hair tends to weigh itself down on my head and can leave me looking pretty boring unless I put a ton of time, effort and product in my hair (but not too much because that weighs it down too). It’s an ongoing battle I have. Paula used Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray last night to add texture and volume, but I didn’t have any so I used Brocato Blonde Swell Fat Hair Cream, another volumizing product she recommended previously. Here’s my before and after!

before hair After Hair

To get the cut and style I want, I usually bring in a picture with me. It can be hard to communicate exactly what you want in words. Visuals can help. Here’s the picture I brought in, yes, that is Miley Cyrus right before she went all Miley Cyrus on us! I loved the style of this cut and know this length looks pretty good on me. I’ve had my hair pretty short most of my life, until I went away for college and let it grow out between trips home.

Paula took a look at the picture and immediately knew how to tailor it just for my face shape. We both know I don’t look good with lots of layers… She does this by looking at the dimensions of your face and figuring out what length looks best, where to cut for the best angles, ect. She always listens to you too. She’s really good at looking at body language. If she feels me tense up, she asks how I’m doing or asks if certain lengths are okay with you. Both her and Raquel do an amazing job at letting you know what they are doing and why. When they are styling your hair they do the same thing and give you tips to help you style it on your own. Its very reassuring and I definitely trust her judgment and always love the end result! PS Hair Studio’s goal is to always have you leave looking and feeling great.

ps sign

Definitely go and check out the PS Hair Studio website!
Click Here to see it!

What do you think of my new hair?

xo Kristina


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